City Boy Stuck In The Suburbs

City Boy Stuck In The Suburbs is a story about a boy who lives his life as an urban kid, while living in the suburbs. Someday, the boy will grow up, and will be able to live in the big city, but until then...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fall Hemlines

Fall/Winter 09-10 brought a lot of attention to the fashion world; primarily, the legs. Hemlines were shortened so much that it was appropriate to enter the public eye being seen in something no longer than the length of a shirt. Styled with over the knee (OTK) boots, a statement bib necklace, and an eighties-inspired jacket, this style seemed to be popping up everywhere. This style, just like the Roman Empire, would eventually fall, and with the help of Anna Wintour, hemlines fell just in time for Fall 2010. This upcoming season's style is only optimizing the opposite of what last season branded as a fashion "standard." Hemlines are as close to the knee as possible (if not past the knee itself), and the fit matches its hemline counterpart; very flattering without being too tight or too baggy. One of my favorites for this upcoming season was this grey lace pleated Valentino dress; the lace and abdominal pleating really makes this dress a sexy option while trying for the longer length. Another favorite of mine was this black cap-sleeved Alexander McQueen dress, because its ruched hip adds some spice to the beholder's figure, and the cap sleeves only adds to the dress's drama. Remember to always incorporate and mind your age while trying out this trend: in order to retain a youthful look, opt for a hemline slightly above the knee. Also, add accessories such as belts, statement necklaces, and cuffs.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lady Or Just Gaga?

The other day, I was surfing the Internet, and I came upon this picture. It wasn't her smile, her 80's inspired jumper, or her patent leather sky high bootie heels, it was her Birkin! Being very familiarized with the Birkin, especially when I see at least 10 during the first 2 minutes of entering Barney's, I wondered if this was a common thing: defacing a Birkin. Most people wouldn't dare write on a bag, let alone one that requires a waiting list for, but someone had to do it, and Lady Gaga would be the girl to break from the pack. I love how she wrote very neatly written Japanese words on the bag rather than going too extreme with a print. She makes the age old classic seem refreshed and vitalized. So maybe not so Gaga?


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Staying Holy

Once upon a time, clothes were made with the most precise straight stitching and were perfectly dyed one specific color to give it an elegant look; well those days are over. Although intentional distressing is far from new, the couture-like idea of it is an up and coming idea. Jeans were the first to be distressed and sold with intentional holes and rips, because a fashion forecaster must have seen many people enjoying the look of tattered clothing. Soon ripped jeans splattered with paint and oil stains were seen in malls everywhere, and everyone had to get a hold of a pair. Now Balmain takes the fashion reigns, and Christophe Decarnin of Balmain has become the king of couture ripping. Although Balmain's slashed t shirt may not be a suitable choice for most women unless they're daring, the look itself can transform a typical outfit into an edgy meets chic alternative. A less daring option from Balmain is their distressed jeans. The raw yet bedazzled look is another way to take the beaten path yet still obtain a look that would be suitable for strolling around the back roads in Paris. Balmain's most mainstream usage of distressing enters with a pair of distressed cropped army pants. With only one rip, and a few patches, the cropped pants can be worn on anyone without them even wondering if they have exposed too much. These pants can also be worn with virtually any type of shoe, whether them be boots, flats, or heels. While Balmain may rule the distressing couture universe, other designers have also but some of their input into bringing the rough back into fashion. Rick Owens introduced slashed cardigans this season that can revitalize any boring simple ensemble. Alexander Wang came out with a line of sweaters featuring tons of strategically placed holes, such as this white sweater. And Vince has a shredded cropped sweater that could bring attention to any respectable shopper. All in all, the classic style of keeping it simple and clean will always remain en vogue, but for now, the more holes the merrier.


Monday, March 29, 2010

You Saw It Here First

While Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards is usually filled with child stars that people will forget in 8 years, this year some well known actresses rocked the orange carpet. Notably, shoes. Miley Cyrus kept her look very LA chic with a flowy sand colored oversized top and leather leggings. But she decided to add the le complément idéal to her ensemble....Alexander Wang Frejal open toe booties. Of course her perfect wavy coifs and stacked bangles helped to pull of this look. Victoria Justice (an unknown in my book) also caught my eye. At first it's her goddess green dress, and then you focus in on her beachy locks, but the wow factor hit when you look down. Possibly Justice and Cyrus have the same stylist or just both like to browse at Barney's, but both equally pulled off Wang's inventive booties. The booties can easily be pulled off by pairing them with cropped cargo pants (Current/Elliot), rock chic waxed jeans (Victoria Beckham Denim), or risking it all with an edgy yet femme skirt (Pringle of Scotland).


Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Condolences...Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen has died today from, reportedly, hanging himself, His mother passed away a few days prior to his suicide. He was only 40 years old, and had changed the fashion world with his prints and avant garde style. For an amazing quick article about him, Tim Blanks for May he rest in peace, and God Save McQueen.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Designer Autopsy: Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer '10

Thomas Burberry may have created the trench coat in 1914, but it is Christopher Bailey that has reinvented it. In Bailey's Burberry Prorsum collection for spring/summer 2010, Bailey has pushed the label's limits even further than before. But Bailey's success for this upcoming season's collection shouldn't come to a surprise, because the collection's name just about explains his innovative season. Prorsum is Latin for forward. Possibly Thomas Burberry had a different meaning in mind when using prorsum in Burberry's original logo, but Christopher Bailey has definitely taken the modern approach and meaning to the Latin word. This season, the label has been about redefining the classics. Trench coats, skirts, and pants have all been given a romantic twist while adding an edge to them by using fabrics like leather, suede, and silk. By knotting these luxurious fabrics, Bailey has single-handedly made a new name for the Burberry label. One of my favorite pieces from this season is the knotted suede trench coat. The structured knotted shoulders combined with the soft sueded fabric make this trench a go to for spring and even fall. Another piece that stood out to me was this leather trench coat. The slick Italian blush leather truly is just the epitome for simply chic style. This coat can be thrown onto any ensemble to give it sleeker appearance. The final piece that really stunned me, were these black leather leggings. Not only is the fit and proportion probably one of the best I have seen for leggings, but the textured ribbon design makes these leggings stand out from any other leggings I have ever seen. The versatility of the leather pants, make it a statement while still being an investment. They can be worn anywhere from the office to the bar stools of Bungalow 8. Of course Thomas Burberry will be famed for creating gabardine and the trench coat, but it is Christopher Bailey who has redefined what it means to wear Burberry Prorsum.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wake Up And Smell The Prints!

Even though the weather outside may be below 30 degrees, and the streets are painted white, spring is almost here! In the fashion world this is called resort wear; which pretty much is just an excuse for a prelude of what the spring season has to offer. One of my favorite things about resort wear, though, is that the clothes are made of warmer fabrics, but the clothes are intended for climates near the equator. Though almost every fashion house designs for the resort season, a few stood out above the rest. My favorite designer this season is Stella McCartney. She really transformed her masculine looks from the winter into more feminine fabrics and prints for the pre spring season. One of my favorites is this floral belted dress. I love how she incorporated more of modern floral print, that reminds me of Alber Elbaz's collection for Lanvin last year. The "etched" look of the flowers make the dress fun for the day, while still feeling sophisticated, and the belt gives the dress a beautiful silhouette that compliments the waist and hips. I also fell in love with Stella's striped flower sweater dress. With stripes coming back in style, I'm so glad that someone took the reigns to make stripes feel different. With the flowers "blooming" out of the stripes, the dress can make a statement that isn't over the top. But one should also take note on how the dress is fitted in the waist, but then simply covers the body comfortably. This dress is sure to look great on any type of body, because of its amazing fit. Stella's final outfit that stunned me was her white belted playsuit. I really loved the sailor attitude and inspiration that was taken to make the playsuit, and with a belted waist, this ensemble is going to be a great go-to for a day in the sun. The last dress to amaze me isn't designed by Stella McCartney, but designed by Diane von Furstenberg. Her colorful Josun strapless mini really just shows us that Mexico and France do blend well together, because they both can be seen within the design for the dress. Again, the belt compliments the bodice, this will definitely be seen everywhere from movie premieres to the club to dining at night. When resort shopping, remember to look for color, stripes, florals, romantic neutrals, and vintage inspired t shirts.